(More) About Me

Professional bio

I transitioned into frontend web development during the pandemic, from a background mostly in higher ed, nonprofit marketing/fundraising, and content strategy. As a developer, I’m still passionate about content-first design, thoughtfully-built websites and CMSes, and accessibility.

My favorite projects are featured here in my portfolio, but there are even more on FrontendMentor.io.


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SCSS, Tailwind, Bootstrap, CoreUI, CSS Modules, styled-components, React, Vite, Gatsby, WordPress, Drupal, PHP, MySQL, GraphQL, Docker, and Figma (and I’ve used more project tracking and business apps than I can count).

I’m especially good at professional communication, solving complex problems, and keeping track of multiple competing tasks.

Some resources I like

Less-professional bio

I live in Virginia, US, with a spouse, kid, and two cats, and I:

  • watch a lot of old movies, most of them horror or sci-fi, and most of them bad
  • play with yoyos
  • maintain a bullet journal using probably too many fountain pens
  • hang around on Mastodon
  • sometimes cook something
  • make web pages
a white cat lounging, almost asleep